Pro-XL Substrate Pure Cocos 50L

If you want to achieve an optimal growth result it is important that you use a good substrate.
Without proper shoes you cannot walk well.

 Quality A
 PH regulator (buffer)
 Optimal relationship between water retention and oxygen
 Best result


Pro-XL Substrate Pure Cocos 50L

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PURE COCOS is a professional substrate, suitable for different types of crops and ready to use. It is composed of an organic coconut fiber, finer and of higher quality. It also has a built-in pH regulator (buffer) and has a RHP certificate (professional horticulture quality).

PURE COCOS allows to achieve the optimal relationship between water retention and oxygenation. This translates into a series of advantages, such as saving water and nutrients, and greater resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses. The fact of being a pure product, without any type of fertilizer, allows the grower to exercise a high degree of control over the nutrition of the crops. To obtain a better result, it is recommended to use PURE COCOS in combination with the specific fertilizers of PRO-XL.


  1. Use PRO-XL Pure Cocos suitable for the plant and growing method.
  2. Before use, the substrate to be slightly moistened.
  3. PRO-XL Pure Cocos should always be slightly moistened, never wet.
  4. Always keep a growing scheme and regularly analyze the substrate.
Peso 15 kg

5,8 – 6,8


< 0.4 – 0.9 mS / cm


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