Pro-XL Bloom A&B

  • Complete & Concentrated
  • Highly Effective
  • Component A&B
  • Also ideal for cultivating with CO2




Pro-XL Bloom A&B

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PRO-XL has created a unique flowering compost. This compost contains all the nutrients that the plant requires to develop optimal flowering. Not only does it contain all the nutrients that the plant needs, but it is made in a perfect proportion. The use of the PRO-XL flowering fertilizer increases the cultivation results.
The flowering compost is very easy to use. It is composed of an A&B component, which makes it a very complete flowering fertilizer. Furthermore, this compost is extremely concentrated.
The fact of being so complete makes this flowering fertilizer a very suitable product for growing with CO2.


Shake well before use. Fill the nutrient tank with water.

Add the fertilizer in a proportion of 2.5 ml A and 2.5 ml B per 1 liter to the nutrient tank, as follows:

  1. Add compost A to the nutrient tank.
  2. Mix well and then add compost B.
  3. Mix very well again.

The EC of the PRO-XL fertilizer diluted in (tap) water ranges from 1.4 – 2.0 ms (= EC of the concentrate + EC of the water).
Recommended pH value: 5.5 – 6.5.
In general, that means 1-4 liters of compost per m2 per day. IN case of intense cultivation, administer 2x a day.
This fertilizer has been specially composed for the flowering stage.

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